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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Growing up, I absolutely loved everything unicorn! These magical, timeless and beautiful creatures that sparked my interest as a child led me to be drawn to this DIY craft inspired by hello, Wonderful. It is offered as a workshop at Friends & Faire for kids and recently we have created DIY Unicorn Wall-hanging Kits for you to do at home with your child. This project takes a bit of time and patience but in the end, your child will have a charming handmade wall hanging as a perfect addition to their bedroom!

Materials in kit:

1. embroidery hoop 6. white felt sheet

2. thick white yarn 7. gold glitter felt sheet

3. thin yarn 8. ears/horn template

4. 6 pieces of thick yarn (various colors) 9. 3 flowers

5. pink felt sheet

What you need: glue or glue gun & scissors


1. Tie white thick yarn (or color of your choice) to the top of the embroidery hoop and loop yarn around the entire embroidery hoop. Secure at knot at the end.

2. Tie thin yarn to the top of the embroidery hoop. Loop around random spots of embroidery hoop to create a web. Tie the end piece to the embroidery hoop to secure and cut off excess yarn.

3. Take 6 pieces of yarn and fold in half. Place loop part of yarn over the bottom part of the hoop and pull the two ends of yarn through the loop creating a knot. Repeat for the other six pieces of yarn.

4. Cut out templates from thick paper, then trace horn template on the glitter felt sheet (on the smooth side, not the glitter side) and cut on the line.

5. Trace (2 times) small ear template onto pink felt piece and cut out two pieces. Trace (2 times) large ear template onto white felt piece and cut out two pieces. Next, glue the small ears onto the big ears.

6. Arrange and glue pieces to the top back of the embroidery hoop with glue (preferably use a glue gun). Glue flowers to the top front of embroidery hoop.

7. Enjoy your new handmade unicorn wall hanging!

Congratulations! You did it! Don't forget to show off your hard work and new wall hanging by tagging @friendsandfaire on Instagram, we would love to see your finished product!

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