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Plan your next special occasion and get crafty with us!

For private events, we work with you to pick a project custom for your group, provide all craft materials, and help you pull off the perfect ladies' night-out, birthday party, bridal/baby shower, bachelorette, corporate team builder, or holiday company party!  Feel free to bring your food, drinks, and decorations!

Four Seasons || Lili'uokalani Trust || Miss Maui USA || Fairmont Kea Lani || ProService Hawaii || Kaiser Pediatric Dept. Hyatt Regency || Emerald Club Realty || Montage Reservation Dept. || Kahului Baptist Preschool || Gammie HomeCare Maui Lani Physicians || Big Brothers Big Sisters || Wong Leong & Cuccia || Bissen Movement || Ka Hale A Ke Ola

Some companies we've worked with:



Wood Sign

Price (per person): $25 - $67 +tax

Duration: 3 hours

Min: 2 people | Max: 18 people

Description: Create a custom wood sign by staining or painting your piece (various color choices available), then stenciling on your design (many choices available.)  Assemble with the use of power tools and take home a unique home decor piece ready to hang!



Price (per person): $55 +tax

Duration: 2 hours

Min: 4 people | Max: 15 people

Description: Create your very own unique kokedama, the Japanese "moss ball." During the workshop you will learn a brief history and origin of kokedama, while engaging in an interactive, step-by-step demonstration. By the end of the workshop, you will have the knowledge and confidence needed to care for your very own living art creation.


Wood Burning

Price (per person): $40 +tax

Duration: 2 hours

Min: 6 people | Max: 10 people

Description: An introductory class on the basics of wood burning. Choose from various designs to customize your piece and learn how to use a wood burning tool to embellish a cutting board.


Vision Board

Price (per person): $28 +tax

Duration: 3 hours

Min: 4 people | Max: 18 people

Description: Each participant will receive the necessary supplies for vision boarding (feel free to bring your own stationary, pictures, embellishments, etc.) and will each make their own vision board. If you've been thinking of getting your goals and dreams on a vision board, you are definitely going to want to join us for an evening of community, connection and creativity.

97049198-7165-4AC8-B748-888B2219B47B - Jennifer Selwyn.jpeg

Ceramic Tableware

Bridal Shower

Price (per person): $55 +tax

Min: 4 people | Max: 16 people Duration: 3 hours

Description: One of a kind dishes for the happy couple. Each bridal shower guest will make & glaze either one plate or bowl that will be given to the couple. The instructor will work with the bride before the shower to choose a style, design and glaze colors to make a coordinated set. As a special touch each piece will be stamped with the couple's names, wedding date and of course signed by the maker. 


Metal Stamping

Price (per person): $45 +tax

Duration: 2 hours

Min: 4 people | Max: 12 people

Description: An introductory class of the basics of stamping on metal to produce your own personalized jewelry with a meaningful name or date, inspirational words or phrases. We will discuss the tools and materials needed, have a brief instruction and get right into practicing the technique. By the end of class, you will take home two beautiful new hand stamped pieces of your choice!


Lei Po'o

Price (per person): $80 +tax

Duration: 2 hours

Min: 10 people | Max: 15 people

Description: Learn Aloha Missions protocol for picking materials, how to prepare them + how to make a lei po'o using native Hawaiian plants and other flowers. It is a time to connect with nature, connect with each other + create something beautiful to adorn yourself or someone you love.


Macrame Plant Hanger

Price (per person): $40 +tax

Duration: 2 hours

Min: 6 people | Max: 30 people

Description: Create a plant hanger and experience an introduction to the fiber art of macrame.  Bring in your own potted plant or purchase one at the time of your workshop to customize your creation!

2565E3FC-0DA4-44BA-9225-4CCA43C0B0E9 - Artwith Anastasia.jpeg

Paint Party

Price (per person): $45 +tax

Duration: 2 hours

Min: 4 people | Max: 10 people

Description: Follow step-by-step instruction painting this beautiful boho design on a 11x14 canvas or inquire about other designs and themes for your private event.


Block Printing

Price (per person): $55 +tax

Duration: 2 hours

Min: 4 people | Max: 10 people

Description: A beginner level class where you’ll learn the basics of relief printmaking to create your own original artwork. In this workshop we will go through the entire process of designing, carving, and printing from start to finish. Participants will receive guided instruction throughout the project and will leave the workshop with their own carved linoleum block and a set of finished prints.

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