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Cardboard Egg Carton Jellyfish

Make all the other kids "jelly" with this easy upcycled craft inspired by The Art Kit Blog. With just a few supplies and materials, your keiki can create a whole school of jellyfish and use them for pretend play or decorations.

Materials needed:

cardboard egg carton


paint and paintbrush

glue gun


googly eyes


1. Cut cardboard egg carton apart and paint each one covering the outside and let dry.

2. Using a glue gun, attach googly eyes to the top part of the carton piece.

3. Cut a bunch of yarn to your desired length, tie a knot on one side. Glue the knotted part to the inside of the carton piece.

4. Glue a piece of string to the top to hang, tape the back of the jelly fish to the wall, get creative with other options like creating an underwater scene for it or make up a play using them as props!

We hope you have as much fun as we did making these upcycled cardboard egg carton jellyfish! Please share and tag @friendsandfaire on Instagram! We would love to see your one of a kind creations!

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