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DIY Upcycled Paper Roll Shamrocks

Since four-leaf clovers are so hard to find, why not make your own with some up-cycled paper rolls! String these shamrock shapes onto a ribbon or string to make a festive garland, or glue them onto some painted chopsticks to create a bouquet and get into the spirit of St. Patrick's Day! With just a few items mostly found around your home, you can create this lovely lucky charm!

Materials needed:

paper rolls



glue gun or craft glue

green paint or markers


chopsticks (optional)


1. Flatten paper rolls to create a crease and cut them into half-inch strips.

2. Fold one crease end inward and pinch it while shaping it into a heart. You will have to do this again after painting.

3. Using a glue gun or craft glue, attach four hearts together making sure to connect all pieces. If you are using craft glue, this process will take a little longer. If you are using a glue gun, make sure you have an adult supervising this step.

4. Paint hearts with green acrylic paint or color in with a green marker. TIP: If painting, since there are many pieces, start with the outside of each individual "clover" and then go back and paint the insides of the heart shapes allowing drying time in between. Reshape hearts if needed.

5. String a ribbon or string through the back of one heart and then through the front of an adjacent heart so the shamrocks face forward in the display.

You can go further with this craft and paint some chopsticks green, glue them to the back of the four-leaf clover and tie the ribbon onto the top of the stick. I even added a little glitter and gold paint here and there just to be a little extra!

We hope you have as much fun as we did making these up-cycled paper roll shamrocks! Please share and tag @friendsandfaire on Instagram! We would love to see your one-of-a-kind creations!

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